The Top Women in Israel Industry 4.0 list celebrates the women who are conquering Industry 4.0 challenges in Israel and abroad, strengthening the II4 Community, and encouraging fellow women to succeed.

For the Industry 4.0 revolution to succeed, we need not only great technologies but also a cultural change. Greater diversity and inclusion are critical to achieving the huge challenges in Industry 4.0.

Hemdat Sagi
Chief of Strategy & Business Development
Konnect- VW Group Innovation Hub TLV
Miriam Erez
Professor Emeritus, Chair- Knowledge Center for Innovation, Vice Dean for the mBA program
Ronit Eshel
Business Strategy Director, Advanced Manufacturing
Israel Innovation Authority
Adi Mager
Industrial ecology and building sector innovations expert
The Israeli Raw Materials Innovation forum – IRMI
Tovi Yadin
Innovation director for smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0